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Mogoro is a town in the province of Oristano, and it has about 4500 residents.

It’s located in central-western Sardinia, and it’s one of the most important towns of the province since pre-Nuragic era, when it was famous for the creation of objects in obsidian rock.

The surrounding landscape is composed of fertile lands, and its territory is included in the Geominerario Historical and Environmental Park of Sardinia Monte Arci, recognized by UNESCO.

Actually Mogoro is primarily known for its flourishing textile and wood crafts, which, together with wine production, plays an important showcase during the famous annual Fiera del Tappeto, the Carpet Traditional Fair.

Mogoro holds many historical sites from the pre-Nuragic to the Roman period, among which we find the remains of the pre-Nuragic village Puisteris, the Carmine church and the Sant’Antioco church, as well the Nuragic complex of Cuccurada, from which the Cantina di Mogoro took inspiration for its brand, in 1956.