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the wine estate

The Wine estate

The Cantina di Mogoro is located in Sardinia, in the province of Oristano, and in an area named Alta Marmilla. Its wines are exported and appreciated worldwide and important international awards prove many years of profitable activity.

The winery is known for the enhancement of the unique Semidano grape, from which two highly appreciated wines are produced: the Puisteris and Anastasia.

The area of Mogoro is renowned for the production of other varietals strongly linked to the territory, as Bovale and Monica, Nuragus, Vermentino, Cannonau, Malvasia and Moscato.

Four hundred and fifty hectares of vineyards are cleverly worked following both tradition and progress, in order to produce excellent wines that, over the years, have become special ambassadors of Sardinia.

Foundation year 1956
Average productions 800.000 bottles/year – Private labels and special formats
Vineyards area 350 hectares in Mogoro municipality and surrounding areas
Soil Hilly land, partially calcareous, loose deep, partly consisting of Quaternary sands.
The climate Sub-arid, mild winters and hot summers, salty mistral wind, rainfall 500 mm/year approximately.
Harvesting By hand, with careful selection of the ripest grapes.
Vinification Fermentation under controlled temperature. Sterile bottling under nitrogen pression.